Blogger! Are you?

To be very honest I did not know what a blog really is!The first time I ever noted the word blog was in my high school. I was mesmerized by the word since then.Even if I had zero knowledge about the word,I always thought of writing a blog.As I grew old I realized how silly I was for thinking that writing things by putting deep thoughts into it was an easy job. This was very depressing.However,the internet as always was a lifesaver!I finally got to know what a blog is!I was overjoyed.Not because I learned about blog,the sole reason was the thought that I could now write a blog.The Blog.

So here I am a 19 year old, finally attempting to write The Blog.Heat,terror and a fearlessness through my mind and body. My fingers not knowing what to type! As I went on typing it became much easier for me. I was boosted with confidence. That’s how I started my first blog.

Blog. ‘A regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style’. Yes! This is what a blog is .The ‘formal definition’ as we say. Seriously I never actually got it. But apart from jokes, what I really understood about a blog is that it is a place where people can actually share their thoughts and what they really think. When I understood what it is, my passion for blog marked up. The first time I decided to write a blog, I never thought I could make it. I kept it a secret. Numerous thoughts were running through my mind. What if people don’t accept me? I am not good with my vocabulary. Should I really do it ? Somehow I managed to get over these thoughts. With a new hope I initiated.

To write a blog you need a clear plan. A plan about the topic at first. Once you have understood the topic then the things you want to comment on should be your priority. Lastly, a preview in your mind how things should be placed. I cannot say my blog is perfect, but I am sure that this will surely benefit beginners like me. Hope I have done my job pretty well! Thank you.